Godzilla vs King Kong remake in development…?

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Deadline reports that Legendary Pictures is moving Kong: Skull Island to Warner Bros., as the plan will be to pit the two monsters against each other in a new Godzilla vs King Kong movie, after the release of Skull Island in 2017 and the Godzilla sequel in 2018.

To be directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, Kong: Skull Island is expected to begin filming late this year or early 2016. Stars Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson have already began their pre-production work.

Legendary Pictures signed an agreement in 2014, saying that Universal Studios will market, co-finance, and distribute the production company’s films for the next five years. And the new agreement picked up after Legendary’s previous agreement with Warner Bros. ended in 2013. So Pacific Rim and Godzilla remained at Warner Bros., while their new film Kong: Skull Island began development at Universal Studios.