Get ready to Scream tv series being developed by MTV

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While I have always been a horror aficionado and enjoyed all the scream movies in the film series, regardless of how somewhat haphazardly they might have become continuity wise.  Wes Craven had been contracted for a 5th and even 6th film but in February of  2012 Kevin Williamson had said he would not be involved and even Harvey Weinstein had been quoted in Sept of last year as saying “We’ve milked that cow..”  basically begging for Craven to make the fifth film to be the end.

But now, a tv series is being planned for sometime in 2015.  The cast and character descriptions have been released, actual plot details  have been few, what is know is that it may have something to do apparently with a “viral video”  and be incorporated with a more supernatural theme, to the extent of “GhostFace”  may be an actual ghost/spirit entity and not support a serial killer concept at all.  I personally would prefer a more serial killer/social network/group of serial killers concept , something similar to the storyline ideals set up in the 2005 short film Rings (read more about the Ring 3 current in the works)  or take an urban legend come to life theme, similar to the direct to video  better than expected films “Smily”  or “The Shadow People”  both of which I would recommend.