Full length trailer for American Horror Story: Freak show

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Finally the first official full trailer  has been released and it is all kinds of awesome craziness!!

is easily  my second all time favorite tv series (just barely losing out to Hannibal) unless I decided to take into account how all the seasons have been so lavishly produced and yet so polarizing different and yet each a masterpiece in each of their own rights, not to mention the ensemble cast of actors who were each able to portray completely new and unique characters in utterly diverse settings/story-lines.

Anyway, I transgress, American Horror Story: Freak until now there have only seen very short,  and yet incredible creepy teasers showcasing an assortment of 1950 carnival style cast of characters, which is the setting for this season,  (including  terrifying clown who looks like a bald Pennywise  Sarah Paulson, as a two-headed lady, a bearded lady, a guy licking a lollipop with his snake style split tongue ), which if you have not seen them and would like to catch up on all the teasers in order you can jump quickly over here.

source:  thecomplex.com