Friday the 13th reboot updates – budget, plot details, more

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Originally the rumor was that the upcoming installment of Slasher Jason Voorhees was to be a shaky camera “Found Footage”  style film, Paramount apparently hoping to out do New Line in terms of investment vs returns by keeping the budget small as they have done with a few of their recent films like The Purge and Project Almanac and hoping to ride the long ago crested wave that was the sub-genre.  Personally I thought that it done correctly it might have been something interesting, or at the least something different in contrast to the rest of the franchise.  But now it has been officially announced that both earlier rumors are not true.  The film will not be found footage and will not have a micro budget, like The Purge (less than four million) but probably not more than Platinum Dune’s general budget maximum of around twenty million.


In story plot news  according to horror movie reboot master producer Bradley Fuller  the next film version may delve into the how and whys of Jason’s immortality which seems like it would immediately, if true would kill what I thought made the 2009 film which ironically Fuller also produced such a decent fresh film.  I find it rather surprising that David Bruckner, a director with such a small career (he has only directed single segments “Crazy in Love” in The Signal 2007 and “Amature Night” in V/H/S 2012) as able to convince Fuller to immediately jump into the concept of Jason’s supernatural enigma.

For more information check out the article in Esquire (source)

Friday the 13th is scheduled for release on May 13th 2016.

Produced by Bradley Fuller (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003, Amnityville Horror 2005, The Hitcher 2007, The Purge, Purge:Anarchy, Ouija, Project Almanac)