First trailer for “The Conjuring” prequel, “Annabelle” now online

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I remember watching the first trailer for the “Conjuring” and nearly jumping out of my seat when the clapping hands appeared out of the darkness. And then becoming even more excited/frightened when the MPAA refused to give the film anything less than an “R” rating because they simply deemed the film “too scary” regardless of any editing or cuts. It looked like the dry season of family friendly, pathetic PG-13 films was finally over. Unfortunately while the general tone and theme of the film was a nail biting build up, the final scenes and climax was severely underwhelming and even dare I say, uncomfortably generic.

And now the first teaser for the prequel film titled “Annabelle”  referring to the disturbingly ugly and apparently  malevolent doll from the opening scenes of the film has now hit the web.  And while the “true story” behind Ed and Lorraine Warren’s paranormal investigations on which many poltergeist, paranormal activity, horror films have been based upon, including but not limited to The Amityville Horror, Haunting in Conneticut, The Conjuring and Annabelle have been disputed, they still can make for some fun films. Check out the trailer below:  

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