First “official photos of the Batmobile from “Dawn of Justice” online

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Photos of the Batmobile from the upcoming 2016 DC comics film “Batman vs Superman” has been posted by the director Zack Snyder himself,  personally all I see is a less sleek, and more jagged version of “the tumbler”  from the Chris Nolan trilogy.  But considering that the character concept of this version of  Batman – with inspirations from Frank Miller’s classic “The Dark Knight Returns” in which a 55 year old Batman returns from retirement, I just can’t see Affleck, playing convincingly but I personally would have loved to see Michael Keaton return and play Batman again. With his real life time apart from the character he last played in 1992 and current age at sixty-three the real life similarities to the mind set of the character would have been surreal. Life imitating art imitating life.


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