Fear the Walking Dead details emerge

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Here are some details for the upcoming spinoff series Fear the Walking Dead courtesy of SDCC

“They are very big shoes to fill, but I also think it gives us a bit of latitude in a way, being this twisted step kid of the original show,” Erickson says. “We are minding the rules and the mythology of the original show and of the comic, so it’s a bit of a hybrid. But my hope is that it compliments the original show, and it also tonally and creatively explores some different avenues and things that they didn’t have an opportunity to do, just based on the way the comic was structured.” producer Gale Anne Hurd,

“These are normal, average people, and first we get to find out who they are in normal life,” Hurd says. “That’s another thing that we haven’t seen before. We really get into problems that average families throughout the world will be relating to and facing. You blend different family units; you have everyday problems … compounded by ‘What the hell’s going on?’”

“Alan Davidson, the director, and I talked about Philip Kaufman’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers as a really great blueprint for just changing camera angles,” says Nicotero. “…the first part is shot with traditional angles and then things start getting more dramatic in terms of how your shooting things, building that paranoia and the idea that the people next to you aren’t who they were or who they appear to be. So we played up that aspect of it quite a bit.”


source SDCC