Fantastic Four international trailer now online

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So far the information presented (pictures, synopsis, first trailer) for the Fantastic Four reboot has not really done anything to make the ideal of the upcoming film exciting or interesting.

I suppose it has more to do with the bad taste the first two attempts at bring Marvel’s “first family” to the big screen, with their mediocre storylines, even less appealing acting and bad comedy that replaced the prospect of realism. Actually I really think it was the tease of seeing Galactus in the second film and him only being a cloud that really pissed me off Galactus_Cloud

Anyway, like many of the latest comic books which have been brought to the silver screen (Iron Man, X-men: First Class, Dark Knight and Punisher War Zone)  I hope the next incarnation will actually be “fantastic”  and grounded in sober realism and gritty action. A little  Doom never hurt anyone – sorry bad pun.  Check out the international trailer below:

Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7th, 2015.