Why “The Devil Inside” is no Better or worse than “The Exorcist

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I am an unashamed horror film fanatic, it is my life long obsession.   I have an insatiable hunger for the genre in all its incarnation, and while I do gravitate more strongly to some of the sub-genes more than others, for example;

I love serial killer films. (Some of my personal favorites include; Seven, Silence of the Lambs, Mr. Brooks, American Psycho, Bone Collector, Maniac (the 2012 limited released remake starring Elija Wood) , and “The Poughkeepsie Tapes” which I consider a absolute masterpiece of lo-fi mokumnetary filmmaking. which was never actually theatrically release due to some of it’s more wonderfully  terrifying themes and content, inculding but not limited to physical and psychological abuse, sexual assult and aggrivated bodily torture, all protrayed in a gritty, cinimatically realist lo-fi method. (click here to check out the trailer)

poughkipsee tapes