Editors Rant – First episode, first impressions – X-Files season ten

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x-files-trailer-2016-k…so just to verify I have been obsessed with and – for better or worse – loved the X-FILES since the beginning…. and yes I am only into the first ten minutes of the new first episode of “season ten”… and I already have issues…. mind you this is only the first ten minutes of the first new episode (so i will probably end up recanting this later) but still…. there has already been a rather explicit amount of CGI and… well… one of the co-stars is Joel Mchale… (nothing against him, I personally love the Soup…) ….Just him staring in a role in a film or series with a budget makes me uncomfortable… (Deliver Us from Evil, anyone??) .…actually my rejection of that specific film also has a lot to do with the stupid subject matter and Eric Bana) but still… lets hope it gets better….