Editor Rant: America’s Got Talent

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Just a small quick little rant on the “variety” show America’s Got Talent…

sigh I honestly wish that they would get rid of all the singers and dancers (solo or group)  and focus on the “variety” acts, the stunts, magicians, danger acts, comedians, and the more unconventional and unique talents.   Like Silhouettes from season six,

Silhouettes Team iLuminate (Season Six, 2011)images (3) or Fighting Gravity (Season Five, 2010)AGT F4 Gravity

or the never to be duplicated acts of the season eight winner Kenichi Ebina (Season Eight, 2013)

Nothing against the singers, I am constantly really surprised each season at many of the very young singers and their amazing vocal abilities.  But well, the already have a number of prime time talent shows devoted to singing, (American Idol, the Voice, X Factor) and as for dancing, they have shows devoted to that as well, America’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance to name a few. and just because you and your friends can make synchronized moments to music, does not make you dancer, sorry

Not trying to marginalize anyones abilities or natural talents just making an honest observation. And enough with the sob stories, Last chance I come from nothing…blah blah… if you can get a plane ticket to travel even one state away from where you currently are to audition where they are than you have enough or at least more than I have

I am not meaning to being negative just pragmatic.