Dungeons and Dragons reboot news inside..

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dungeons-dragons-movie-rebootIn general ever since the original Lord of the Rings film trilogy hollywood has been desperate to try and reclaim the fantasy epic stylized film event of monsters, heroes and magic only to fail time and again even when adapting similarly well known, even beloved epic stories, such as Lion Witch and the Wardrobe from the Chronicles of Narnia series which was a modest success but the rest of the films performed less than stellar box office returns, and there have been worse attempts, such as Seventh Son, Eregon and the Wraith of the Titans reboot, which while making a modest box office return was panned by critics and fans of the original alike and there are more hopeful attempts upcoming, like Warcraft.

And now apparently another attempt in the form of a reboot of the Dungeons and Dragons series. Director Rob Letterman (Goosebumps) has been tapped to helm the Dungeons and Dragons film reboot, from a script by David Leslie Johnson (Orphan, Wrath of the Titans). Little is known about the movie’s narrative at this point in time, but one presumes the movie will follow a cunning warrior and their crew of mythical and mystical creatures as they journey to find an ancient treasure… or something to similar effect.

Letterman has, for his part, shown his ability to faithfully and creatively adapt beloved works into films that generally please audiences. Last year’s Goosebumps, based on the popular series of children’s horror books by author R.L. Stine, earned an impressive $150 million worldwide against a $58 million budget.