Dungeons and Dragons reboot in development

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The Wrap is reporting that Warner Bros. has (after a year-long legal struggle involving the rights) started development on a new Dungeons & Dragons film. Teaming up with Hasbro’s Allspark Pictures and Sweetpea Entertainment, WB will base the project on an existing script by David Leslie Johnson (Wrath of the Titans). Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Stephen Davis, along with Roy Lee (The LEGO Movie) and Courtney Solomon are attached to produce. The movie does not currently have a director.

Greg Silverman, Warner Bros. Pictures’ president of creative development and worldwide production, had the following to say:

“We are so excited about bringing the world of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ to life on the big screen. This is far and away the most well-known brand in fantasy, which is the genre that drives the most passionate film followings. D&D has endless creative possibilities, giving our filmmakers immense opportunities to delight and thrill both fans and moviegoers new to the property.

Stephen Davis, Hasbro’s executive vice president and chief content officer, confirmed that the film will be based on The Forgotten Realms campaign setting.

This is such an enormous opportunity to bring the rich fantasy setting of the Forgotten Realms to life and, together with the creative powerhouse of Warner Bros., use movies to tell the stories that have enchanted passionate D&D fans for decades.”