Ducktales, Inspector Gaget and Danger Mouse all get rebooted

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Apparently Nextflix is about to rape more of my childhood memories, and Disney too.

Why?  WHY? sigh

Inspector Gaget, the bumbling cyborg-esque detective, his too-smart-for-her-own-good niece Penny and his loveable but can-never-seem-to-catch-a-break pet dog Brian will once again be fighting against the global crime syndicate MAD led by the nefarious Dr. Claw in eye poping  CGI adventures this March on Nextflix.

Speaking of Netflix, Danger Mouse, the classic British cartoon series about a one-eyed superspy mouse and his lovable hamster sidekick Penfold, will return in new 52-episode series that promises “all the classic characters, catchphrases and comedy that made it an 80’s cult favorite.” 

And finally Disney is resurrecting The 1990’s classic cartoon Ducktales,that headlined the 90’s “Disney Afternoon”  which also included Rescue Rangers which is be developed into a live action/CGI movie made a trip to the big screen in Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp and was nominated four times for a daytime emmy and actually won twice.

The official statement from Disney XD’s Senior Vice President, Programming and General Manager, Marc Buhaj:

“DuckTales’ has a special place in Disney’s TV animation history, it drew its inspiration from Disney Legend Carl Barks’ comic books and through its storytelling and artistic showmanship, set an enduring standard for animated entertainment that connects with both kids and adults. Our new series will bring that same energy and adventurous spirit to a new generation.”


source: Netflix, Disney XD