DIG television series – First episode, First Impressions

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dig 2The new USA television series Dig seems awfully familiar and it should.  It has the quasi-religious mystery/adventure feel of the now cancelled Fox series “Touch” and the unnatural or rather supernatural feel of the soon to be “reborn”  NBC series “Heroes”  and it is not an accident as the show is created by Tim Kring, showrunner of the two aforementioned series too.  And while it (DIG) does have numberous mixture of different “mysteries”  all happening at once during its  two hour premiere; a mysterious girl with bright red hair who likes to go skinny dipping in pools underground in an archeological dig site, who ends up dead, a mysterious boy who is being “groomed”  for some unknown purpose, who is reveled to be one of many boys, supposedly clones, a secret jewish religious sect doing mysterious animal sacrifice rituals in the same archeological dig site that the assumably murdered red haired woman likes to swim naked… unfortunately none of these things by themselves are mysterious enough to hold the tension or interest of this viewer and again unfortunately, all of these things together are just plain confusing.  I keep getting the same nagging feeling I felt watching the two hour premiere of “Helix” on the Syfy channel a few seasons back and will say the same thing about DIG which may be the one thing that television series producers in general and Mr. Kring specifically needs to know, learn, and never forget…