Details on the Minority Report tv series

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A new basic plot synopsis for the upcoming Steven Spielberg/ Amblin which is also currently producing a large library of other futuristic science fiction themed television series currently, including but not limited to Falling Skies on TNT, Under the Dome over at CBS, along with Extant. television series based on the 2002 hit film which was itself based on the classic Philip K. Dick short story  apparently will take place 10 years after the movie (with the PreCrime unit dismantled), focusing on a former precog who’s having trouble adjusting to normal life.  The  precog (Agatha??) ends up meeting a detective who’s also haunted by her past, with the pair possibly teaming up to find new meaning in their lives.



Just as a gentle public service announcement:  Comedy Central is currently developing a tv series with the same name.

source: hollywood reporter