Details for ‘Leatherface’ prequel film

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At this point to be honest I am not even really sure to which or what this “prequel”  news is referring in respect to the film franchise as there have been like five sequels to the original 1974 film, a 2003 remake which i LOVED to bits, sacrilege I know!  a sequel to that remake and then a prequel and then another sequel (sort of) to that film.  At this point the whole idea of another film is grossly redundant or rhetorical or a word like that. Anyway here are the details on the new upcoming franchise installment..Leatherface

According to Badass Digest, Leatherface will center on four teens who escape a mental hospital and are holding a nurse hostage. Stephen Dorff (Blade) will play the sheriff on their tail, and Angela Bettis (May) will play the matriarch of the disturbed Sawyer family. Based on the site’s description, it sounds like the identity of which escaped mental patient is actually Leatherface is a central mystery in the film.

source: Badass Digest