Dave Batista to be cast as the Kurgan in the upcoming Highlander reboot?

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Clancy Brown as the Kurgan in Highlander 1986


Dave Batista








While Dave Batista has been show that he can be an actor from his years spent as a “sports entertainment superstar”  during his tenure with the professional wrestling entity the WWE, and more recently proving that he can make the adjustment  jump into the gears of the hollywood movie machine starring in films such as “the Man with the Iron Fists”  and Guardians of the Galaxy.  I personally cannot out right say that he is able to act. All of his attempts at being a leading star have all been one dimensional characters placed into film which have out shine their cast with special effects and action sequences.

In spite of this fact not only is Mr. Dave Batista now  being cast as a henchman in the upcoming Bond film “Spectre” and as the lead villain role of “Tong Po”  the upcoming “Kickboxer” remake but now it seems as if he is actively being considered for the role of “the Kurgan” for the upcoming Highlander reboot, which as of this writing has found and lost a number of directors, has had the lead role of Connor MacLeod vacated by Ryan Reynolds and rumored to have has the role of Ramirez, originally played by Sean Connery in 1986, offered to Tom Cruise?!

While I have always enjoyed the franchise and basic concept of the Highlander series, including the television series, comic books and even consider Highlander 4 End Game as one of my favorite films.  After the direct to tv movie disaster that was “Highlander The Source” the lack of progression and these new baffling rumors, I cannot say I am in any rush to find out anything much more.

source: Latino Review