Christopher Pratt Rumored for ‘Indiana Jones’ & ‘Ghostbusters’ sequels?

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Like his fellow action film actors who were given multiple movie deals in quick succession before we got sick of seeing their faces such as Orlando Bloom, Pirates of the Caribbean and the Hobbit movies, Sam Worthington From Avatar, to Clash of the Titans, and Man on a Ledge,  Christopher Pratt is currently an very hot commodity thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy and upcoming Jurassic World.

SO rumors of course are flying on which other movie franchises He will be attached to in the future.  The two more interesting rumors are Ghostbusters2 and the next chapter of the Indiana Jones saga.  In an interview with GQ magazine Pratt recently explained his hectic non-stop schedule was pretty much filled to the brim. He then said the ghostbusters rumor was complete Bulls**t and that while is was interested in participating in the next Indy film, he mentioned that even if the rumor is true and he is on a short list of potential leads for the film, no one from Disney, nor Lucas or Spielberg have contacted him directly.


Source GQ