Captain Worf television series coming soon?

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Commander_Worfcheck out this interview with Star Trek star Michael Dorn in which he mentions his desire to return to his now iconic character, Mr. Worf in his own star trek tv series.

It appears that Captain Worf is a concept that has not been dismissed outright by CBS, which owns the television rights to the franchise. Dorn’s ongoing video interviews with The Cinema Source have yielded one particularly interesting update: just where the series fits within the now-convoluted franchise timeline. According to Dorn, Captain Worf would take place after the events of the TNG spinoff series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and before the final film starring the TNG cast, Star Trek: Nemesis.

Dorn’s also hinted that  character would have no clear allegiance to either his people or Starfleet. Dorn’s proposed series would also see a very different Klingon society, with humans and Starfleet officers having been integrated into daily life on the Klingon homeworld.