Bryan Singer developing Red Sonja remake?

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The Sword and Sorcery sub genre, also sometime called “Sword and Saddles”  is a tedious corner of the cinema landscape which includes some of the most pathetic films ever to be produced, and yet also happens to be graced with one of the more loyal (blind) fan bases of any sub-genres. I personally love them, regardless of the fact that low production values and poor acting and horribly silly dialogue all seems to be pre-requisites. I think my fascination with the films can be traced back to the crazy and beautiful title covers which graced every VHS box I would see as a pre-teenager in the video store before both became extinct.

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And while the genre is riddled with self consciously bad films which made them fun to watch in their own right, there were a few more serious, and worth viewing, such as Conan the barbarian and the sequel Conan the Destroyer, Willow, Dragonslayer and the cartoon movie The Black Cauldron.

Another property which initially started as a book series by E Howard and then as a successful comic book series and then finally as a film, which in spite of it failures is still remembered somewhat fondly by fans is Red SonjaRed_sonja_film_posterwhich has been attempted to be rebooted/remade a number of time with minor success, the more recent being 2008, when Robert Rodriguez and his production company Troublemaker Studios were working on a version that would have starred Rose McGowan as the titular character.(which I would have loved to see her in)  as of February 2010, rights holders Nu Image are moving forward with another projected new film, to be directed by Simon West with producer Avi Lerner persuing actress Amber Heard for the role of Sonja, and planned to shoot the film before the third  Conan the Barbarian sequel. In August 2012 even though Christopher Cosmos had been hired as a screenwriter for the film, production had stalled. However –red_sonja remakeBleeding Cool reports that Bryan Singer, director of X-Men: Apocalypse and the upcoming 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, has been putting together a R-rated Red Sonja cable television series. Singer is rumored to be directing and producing the show, alongside Stephen L’Heureux of Solipsist Films, and the project is reportedly being funded by TWC/Dimension. Luke Lieberman – owner of the property – would likely executive produce along with Jason Taylor of Bad Hat Harry (Singer’s production company). Personally I would love to see the “She-Devil with a sword” in a series thinking back to one of my all time favorite series, Spartacus which debuted on Starz, and thus allowed it to be filled to overflowing with blood, violence, sex and nudity.  My hope would be for something similar… but until more concrete details emerge we can only hope….red sonja remake