Blade sequel coming soon…?

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blade_01Speaking with Deadline at San Diego Comic-Con, Wesley Snipes confirmed that he has met with Marvel about Blade. While there are no details of that meeting, Snipes mentions that the ball is firmly in Marvel’s court.

“The project is controlled by Marvel and we did have a really productive and a wonderful meeting and we discussed a number of things. I don’t know where it’s on their schedule at this point, that hasn’t been decided. I guess it’s still up in the air.”

“I’ve always been a fan of these pieces (of the new cenimatic universe) and(Marvel) adaptations and it’d be nice to be a part of the family again. But if we don’t do a Blade 4 or something else with Marvel, we’ll do something else. We have some other characters and some other concepts that are going to be just as exciting and hopefully just as successful.”


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