Big Trouble in Little China remake coming… starring the Rock

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Big Trouble in Little China was the last straw for director John Carpenter that drove away from hollywood and back into the arms of independent filmmaking, when it was released in 1986 and bombed both financially and critically.

With its over the top martial arts style mixed with spaghetti western flair and a load of eye popping special effects the film has become a cult classic.  large_big_trouble_in_little_china_blu-ray10

Yes the script was silly, and the dialogue was mediocre at best, and the film’s plot made no rational sense, and most of the scenes could be reorganized in any order and it would still be the same movie experience. Still it is fondly remembered by its fans as a fun light hearted action/martial arts/horror comedy flick with a constant grandiose myriad of special effects. big trouble

But now comes the decision by Hollywood to remake it… no wait it gets worse… the remake will supposedly star Dwayne the Rock Johnson.  All I can say is I know the original is almost thirty years old and the generally accepted age for a proper remake of a film is like 25 but still I am for a few very respectable reasons..

One, I really cannot comprehend that director John Carpenter, godfather of the independent film would allow hollywood to remake the film, two, I did not know hollywood would even consider remaking a film that originally was a commercial and financial failure, and three, I don’t care how much technology has changed, as cheesy as they were the practical effects of the original were what gave the original film its appeal and I do not think CGI or motion capture or any of that will be justice in retrospect, and will only destroy another childhood favorite film.