Batman vs Superman – Woder Woman fight scene revealed…?

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Wonder-Woman-Batman-V-Superman-Costume-SwordAccording to Heroic Hollywood, during Batman vs Superman – Wonder Woman suits up to do battle with none other than Doomsday, the infamous monster who killed Superman in the ’90s “Death of Superman” story arc, and his since become a staple of the DC Comics universe.

Here is the specific breakdown of Wonder Woman’s fight against Doomsday, as described by El Mayimbe of HH:

During the fight with Doomsday, Wonder Woman draws that awesome sword of hers, swings it at Doomsday and manages to chop off the hand of the beast!… Wonder Woman is badass and got skills but don’t count Doomsday out! He is still in the fight! Complications ensue because a BONE BLADE grows back where Doomsday’s hand used to be! In screenwriting that’s called a reversal. Now Doomsday got a blade of his own.


Source HH