Batman vs Superman not a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel?

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MTV got the chance to ask Cavill if he had seen more of the film – and whether it was still accurate to call the story “a Superman sequel” – the actor confirmed what many fans have come to accept:

“I’ve only seen a little bit of ADR stuff, but that’s it, and that wasn’t even in color… I’m hoping to see it some time this year, for a friends and family screening or something. But I really know nothing about what the finished product looks like.Batman-V-Superman-Trailer-Affleck-Armor-Suit

“I wouldn’t call this a Superman sequel. This is Batman vs. Superman, so it’s a separate entity altogether. It’s introducing the Batman character, and expanding upon this universe, which was kicked off by Man of Steel. It’s an introduction to the character, and ultimately an introduction to Justice League.”


“From what I understand now, it’s no longer like, ‘This is Superman 2.’ They’re not doing these things. They’re doing like, ‘Here’s Man of Steel. Here’s Batman/Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ The next one is not like a sequel to one of the characters. They’re just going to keep building their universe for about five or six movies. But all of them, it’s supposed to tell one massive story, which is all Justice League oriented.”

source MTV