Ash vs Evil dead tv series update

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evildead1During the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Bruce Campbell joined Evil Dead director Sam Raimi and co-star Lucy Lawless on stage for an Ash Vs. Evil Dead panel. Slashfilm reports that during the panel, Raimi spoke about the origin of the upcoming Ash vs Evil dead tv series.

“First my brother Ivan and I wrote a movie. It was too big and unwieldly. Then our partner Rob Tapert said ‘Why don’t we make it as a TV show? I’ve had some great experiences in telelvision, [like] Spartacus… We can give the audience what they really wanted, which was Bruce Campbell as Ash. TV is about character.”

Campbell agreed, pointing out how the role has come to define him in the years since Evil Dead II was released.

“Even if I was over it, the fans would not allow me to be over it. I’ve gone to conventions since 1988. Every subsequent year I hear, ‘When are you making more of this?’ I came to a realization: you’re only going to be remembered based on what people watch. If you only watch horror movies, I’m going to be remembered as Ash. I’ve actually been more pigeonholed by my fans than the film industry itself… I can’t be over the ‘Evil Dead’ movies. They got me into the film business.”

It’s already been confirmed that Ash Vs. Evil Dead will be a bloody series, but Bruce Campbell offered a brief anecdote that really put the quantity into perspective.

“I went blind the other day shooting a scene. Just picture that. Take a shower and open your eyes right into the faucet. That’s how much blood there is on this show. I’ve been gagged once and I went blind. That’s a lot of blood on the show. So, anyone who’s looking for it, it’s coming your way.”