An interview with Tom Six the creator of the HumanCentipede films

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tom six

Rich Juzwiak over at Defamer on the new site Gawker recently had a phone interview with Tom Six of the Human Centipede film series fame, and in many people’s judgment, the sickest man in the world…



This movie is more grindhouse in look and feel. Was that your intention?

Absolutely, I wanted to go out the trilogy with a big bang. I wanted to go extra extra large, very American style. I shot it in America, it has a huge human centipede of 500 people. The acting is also very over the top. I liked the idea. Part 2 is very under your skin, very reserved, very intimate, very dark. This one is loud and heavy and politically incorrect.


A lot of Critics have said that you hold your audience in contempt..

Oh, yeah yeah yeah. Of course, I love my audience. They make me successful. I want to please them and to frighten them at the same time. Horror audiences, they want to be thrilled, they want to be entertained because they are safe, themselves. I want to give them the sickest ride possible.

human centipede one poster

Do you like human beings?

I don’t like human beings, specifically. I think we were born evil, somehow. When wars happen, or whatever happens, we turn into monsters. Animals kill each other to have food. Human beings kill out of pleasure. People are very sadistic. We have very strong emotions like jealousy and schadenfreude. Mankind has a lot of really disturbing emotions because we are so intelligent. We can be so wrong. I like animals more, to be honest…..



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