American Psycho tv series coming soon…?

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Both the 1991 Bret Easton Ellis book American Psycho as well as the 2000 film adaptions were both immediately lauded and reviled when they first came out.  The book was banned in Germany, marketing and sales were severely limited, some countries only allow it (the book) to be sold in shrink-wrap and only to those over 18 years old, yet literary critic praised Ellis no holds barred transgressive literary style and pose.  The relation to the film was equally polarized upon release, many opponents calling it disgusting and vile, while others praising its dark nihilistic social commentary.  Christian Bale was singled out for praise with his unnerving sadistic narcissism in general,  and dehumanizing ability for personal excess up to and including torture and murder.

Then in 2002 came the direct to video spin-off film “American Psycho 2: All American Girl which was negatively received by critics, denounced by Ellis and with the star Mila Kunis even expressing embarrassment at being involved with the picture.

The last year came “American Psycho the musical.”  a year prior to that began  the rumor began floating around the web of a grossly unnecessary theatrical reboot.  But now it can be confirmed that a continuation of the story of Patrick Bateman is in the works as a television series set in present day and focus on an aging Bateman who decided to  take upon himself a protégé in a sort of “post-mid-life-crisis”  antisocial experiment of sorts. (actually sound somewhat similar to the upcoming sequel to the transgressive novel made into popular film “Fight Club”  which shared many of the social and philosophical themes and commentary. More info as it develops.

source:  Deadline