American Horror Story season six details inside….

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american-horror-story-hotel-clipsIn a recent interview with TVLine showrunner Ryan Murphy gave up some details of what is to come in the next season of the cult anthology series American Horror Story…

“The interesting thing about this season is we’ve been working on two ideas at once, which we’ve never done. So I don’t want to say what it maybe is…. Both things that we’re writing right now – we haven’t declared a winner – will have a different form, so we’re excited about that. We’ll talk about it soon, but we haven’t landed on it yet.”

Murphy also hinted that both of his considered concepts revolve around a theme he has touched upon before – creepy children:

“If you look at horror tropes, the innocence of children, that sort of wide-eyed entryway into some world is always very dramatic and satisfying,”

As proven in my recent article on the horror movie sub-genre of KILLER KIDS the subject of homicidal children has been both a unholy fun to some or shock and distasteful to others.

American Horror Story season 6 is expected to air in the fall of 2016.