Alien 5 to be two movies…? Maybe…

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As John Hurt as Hadden said in the 1997 film Contact.. “Why make just one when you can build two…?”

That is apparently the developing plan for Neil Blomkamp’s upcoming addition to the “Alien” franchise, which is suppose to fit between RIdley Scott’s 1979 Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens from 1986 which out disrupting and of the currently built upon mythology or derailing any conciet of continuity.  Unlike what Ridley Scott did, with full bloated contempt of his audience and wonton malice of judgment when he created Prometheus

I am personally am very curious and a little excited when there is news of another “Alien” film, it is one of my favorite movie franchise mythologies, I am just weary, and justifiably so, of the prospect of two films especially if they are to be more chapters in an already well defined storyline universe, and will need to maintain a highly stringent set of pre and post film bookmarks.  Not to mention that in almost all cases of tearing apart a film into two joint ventures is usually not helpful to the audience, generally the first film seems boring and only there to set up another film which is usually not worth the wait.

Maybe it will be best if Blomkamp sticks to what he knows best and make District 10.

Source: Empire