Ali Larter gives update on Resident Evil Final Chapter

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resident_evil_retributionAli Larter was asked by IGN if Resident Evil fimal chapter will, in fact, be ‘The Final Chapter’, to which she responded “I know it is.” She also expressed her gratitude for being part of the series, as well as her admiration for Resident Evil as the rare action franchise driven by (multiple) female characters:

“… I love that it’s not seven men and one woman. I mean, these are two women [Alice and Claire], and they’re not competing with each other. You know, there are such easy clichés these two could fall into, but this is definitely a female power movie… It’s baffling [female action movies aren’t more popular], but I do believe it’s changing. I mean, look at things like Lucy and other things. I do believe it’s happening.”

Larter, for her part, also promised that The Final Chapter will provide a satisfying conclusion for fans of Anderson’s Resident Evil films:

“We are not allowed to say one thing. I am held to secrecy, but what I can tell you is that the script is amazing. They’re really wrapping up the whole series, so that just makes it a little more poignant. To be able to come back and reprise my role as Claire and my relationship with Alice, with Umbrella Corp. — you know, I’m excited to get back in it. I think the fans are just going to be beyond excited.”


source IGN