A new Star Trek tv series being planned…?

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I like star trek, I really do, even though the movies up until the reboot were unfortunately going downhill fast as far a storylines and themes.  Now I will admit, DS9 was just ok, and I never actually got into Enterprise, but i do still enjoy re-runs of Voyager, Next Generation and the original series.  However, after hearing this report I have to also admit I was not jumping for joy or anything, only slightly curious and a little off put by the mention of ABC heading the development.

Latino Review is reporting that CBS is working on bringing Star Trek back to its TV roots with the goal of bringing on Bryan Singer (X-Men: Apocalypse) as an executive producer.  According to LR, CBS is looking to bring on the other members of the team on Star Trek: Federation: a project from 2006 that was nixed due to Abrams’ big screen Star Trek.

Director Christopher McQuarrie (Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation), writer Geoffrey Thorne (Leverage, The Librarians), and producer Robert Meyer Burnett were involved in the project; Federation would have been set far in the future past Deep Space Nine and Voyager, essentially allowing the series to start anew within the established universe. Additionally, LR suggests that Burnett’s fan-film Star Trek: Axanar could be used as a guideline for budgeting a Star Trek TV series.

Robert Meyer Burnett replied to the rumors stating:

“All of the FEDERATION information is true…but we did that TEN YEARS AGO. The treatment was written but effectively killed when JJ took over. It never went further than the treatment…and no one ever pitched it…and I don’t know if Geoffrey wrote a full script. While I have been working on AXANAR, and we are building sets, etc,…I know NOTHING about a new CBS Trek series. As for currently working on something with Skydance? NO COMMENT (but if I WERE, it is NOT related to TREK in any way).”

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