3 women who have stolen way to much of my life from me

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Number 3

Olivia Cooke

(Bates Motel series,  the Quiet Ones 2013 , Oujia 2014)

olivia cook bates motel

Olivia Cooke in Bates Motel

Olivia Cooke was a relative unknown when she was cast as  like a sickly Dancy Drew-like character in Ema Decody in the “contemporary prequel”  to the Alfread Hitchkock suspense classic Psycho, on A&E back in 2013 called Bates Motel.

Later the next year she was cast in her first leading film role for the horror film “The Quiet One” one of a number of otherwise critically successfully preceding horror films such as Wake Wood, Let me in and Woman in Black  by Hammer Films   which despite having in my opinion one of the most creatively nerve wracking teaser trailers ever…

She went on a spree of leading roles in a number of films with varying degrees of overall success including 2014’s horror film “Ouija” and the science fiction thriller “The Signal” which was only given a limited US release but received favorable reviews.
(next up Tatiana Maslany)