3 scifi movies with depressingly absurd pointless “happy endings”

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I am not a big fan of scifi films in general,  with exceptions, of course, for +the debatable classics, (Star wars, and Trek, The Terminator and Aliens franchise the massive amount od behind the scenes in the Alien Anthology Blu-ray really make you reconsider  Alien 3,   There have been a few which demand repeat viewings underrated gems in the last few years, such as “Sunshine” (trailer) by Danny Bole,  the 2003 miniseries (Frank Herbert’s) “Children of Dune” (trailerand the more recent “Edge of Tomorrow”  Which is a fun movie if only to watch Tom Cruise get killed like a hundred times.

Then there are a few which are not necessarily good or bad but are ruined by simple logic and depressingly pointless happy-ending. Jump to the next page to see who are the three wost offenders…